The Workshop

Purpose of the Workshop
The aim of the workshop is to discuss the relation between perception and justified belief and issues relevant to the relation. For instance, we are interested in debates concerning:

  • cognitive penetration of perception
  • content of perception
  • dogmatism
  • epistemic disjunctivism
  • evidential justification
  • perceptual knowledge and defeaters
  • perceptual justification in general

Other related topics are also very welcome.

Invited Speakers
Jochen Briesen (FU Berlin)
Katalin Farkas (CEU)
Jim Pryor (NYU)
Susanna Siegel (Harvard)

Contributed Speakers
Peter V. Forrest (Auburn University)
Giada Fratantonio (University of Edinburgh)
Harmen Ghijsen (Radboud University)
Eleonore Neufeld (University of Southern California)
Thomas Raleigh (University of Vienna)
Christopher Ranalli (University of Cologne)
Eva Schmidt (Saarland University)
Lu Teng (NYU Shanghai)

The workshop is organized by members of the research group From Perception To Belief and Back Again.  (Peter Brössel (University of Pittsburgh & RUB Bochum), Anna-Maria A. Eder (Northeastern University), and Nina Poth (University of Edinburgh))